Lithium Battery


Alternative to having two conventional batteries. CALL FOR PRICE

Accessories Description


The lithium batteries are designed as a replacement for the traditional Gel batteries.

We offer 2 versions, as direct replacents for both the standard 50A batteries or the larger lithium battery pack to replace the larger 70A/Hr used in the Highlander models.

The lithium battery is a single 24Volt battery pack, and only one is required to replace the twin battery setup of the gel batteries.

The key benefits are:

1 single lightweight battery pack, weighing only 10 Kg’s making transporting your battery effortless.

Increased battery life. Typically the Li-ion battery lasts at least twice as long as gel batteries. This is backed up by a 2 year warranty.

Faster recharge time, typically only 4-6 hours

Improved buggy performance. With atotal weight saving of over 30 Kg’s your buggy will be more capable to tackle step hills